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viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change: “Khar Fahm shodan”

In these days, many people in Iran and all around the world hate the politicians and the bad guys, and want to do something for getting rid of them, but some try to discourage the people. Those who want to discourage and disappoint the people, often say: “The people have no power. The politicians, the bankers, the media, the greedy rich and the bad guys have the real power. We can’t change anything. We should not protest. It’s stupid and meaningless. Nothing will change”. It’s exactly what the bad guys, their mercenaries, their media, and the idiots tell the ordinary people. They try to brainwash the people, because they know: “The people have the real power”. They know the people can change everything, and that’s why they want to discourage and disappoint the people. In fact, only when the people remain silent and inactive, nothing will change. You can read the world history and learn how the people changed many things. Who changed the horrible problems of Slavery, Blacks’ rights, Women’s rights, Children’s rights, workers’ rights, civil rights, political rights, personal freedoms, etc? The people who protested and didn’t remain silent and inactive. If the people had remained silent and inactive, we still would have lived in the Stone Age, or the Slavery Age, or when the world was full of war and violence. Of course, the change speed is very very slow. It’s a very tragic fact, but it doesn’t mean nothing will change. The change speed is very very slow, mainly because the majority of people need a long time to understand the problems or the roots of the problems . In fact, the process of “Khar Fahm sazi” take a long time to be completed. “Khar Fahm sazi” is a funny Persian term that means: “When even a donkey can understand the problem“; and “Khar Fahm shodan” means “becoming aware; when even a donkey can understand something”. Before any serious change in the society, the vast majority of the people, including the dumbest people should understand the necessity of the change and should ask for change, and it takes a long time. In fact, when all people ‘Khar Fahm shodan’, i.e. when even the dumbest people understand a problem, then ‘change’ will become inevitable and will occur, but ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ takes a long time. And that’s why the change speed is very very slow. But we even can change the change speed, by decreasing the number of idiots and the ignorant people. But how you can decrease the number of idiots and the ignorant people? by education, by writing and talking about the problems, and by increasing people’s awareness. Those who can see the problems, should make others aware. But who can see the real problems first? those who are called “Intellectuals” (real intellectuals). The intellectuals can see the real problems, but it’s not enough for bringing change. The people should become aware, and it’s the long process of “Khar Fahm shodan“. The determining factors in the process of “Khar Fahm shodan” or “becoming aware” are: common sense, education, experiences, reading history, intellectuals, etc. The process of ‘Khar Fahm sazi’ or ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ in the human society, that is full of idiots and ignorant people, takes a long time, mainly because the bad guys who want to resist the change, don’t remain inactive and indifferent. They try to mislead and misinform the people. Their mercenaries and their fake intellectuals try to deceive and brainwash the people. They try to stop the process of “Khar Fahm sazi” or delay it. They know that if all people ask for change, nothing can stop them, and the change would occur. If you read the world history, you can see this model in everywhere. In Iran (for example during Constitutional movement, Oil Nationalization Movement, Green Movement, Islamic Reform movement, etc), in the US (for example during Civil Rights movement, Women’s rights movement, American Revolution, etc), and in any other country you can see this model. It’s a good theory, and can explain and predict many things. In today’s Iran, and in the current Iranian movement, the process of “Khar Fahm shodan” started in 1997 and finished in 2011. The green movement failed in 2009, because the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ was incomplete. In 2009, many Iranians did not know the true colors of the fake intellectuals and the Iranian baboons, and these bastards, mainly the Ashura traitors, could fool the people. But now, the process of “Khar Fahm shodan” about the Mullahs and Iranian baboons has been completed in Iran. Now, only the process of “Khar Fahm shodan” about the hypocrite west is incomplete in Iran (and I think it would be completed in 2012). But the outside world is totally ignorant. They still don’t know how the hypocrite west, the stupid lefts, and the Iranian baboons betrayed Iranians. The process of “Khar Fahm shodan” in the outside world is in its first phases. Anyway, this theory is a theory that we have formulated it in Iran, but its usage is not limited to Iran. A global change will occur only when the majority of the people become aware -in the process of “Khar Fahm shodan”- and ask for the change. The protests in the US and Europe seem stupid and fruitless, because many people still are ignorant there. Unfortunately, the number of idiots and the people who live like sheep in the west is not small (it’s as large as Iran’s). They have serious misconceptions about their problems and the roots of their problems. In fact, the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ is in its first phases there. The media and the fake intellectuals can brainwash the people in the West. Those who follow the politicians, the religious leaders, and the mass media are stupid sheep, while those who follow the fake intellectuals and some one like Chomsky, are modern sheep. But both groups are sheep and should become aware, otherwise nothing changes. Only when the people ‘Khar Fahm shodand’ (become aware), the real change will occur. You can read history and see this model in the story of women’s rights, blacks’ rights, Slavery, children’s rights, etc. Only when the majority of the people ‘Khar Fahm shodand’ (became aware), the real change occurred. I think the hypocrite western politicians and the stupid monkey (Obama) can play dirty games and refuse to apologize to Iranians for betraying them in 2009 and 2011, because the majority of the people in all around world still are ignorant, and “Khar Fahm Na shodand” (= not “Khar Fahm shodand” = “are not aware”). Unfortunately, the public ignorance is an undeniable fact. And the bad guys have counted on the ignorant people. The bad guys can resist the change, or can implement their evil plans, because the people are ignorant and ‘Khar Fahm Na shodand’.

Many people, including us, say: “We hate politics. We are so tired of politics. We are not political activist”. But only some people think that it means: “We want to live like sheep. We should be neutral. We should be slave of the politicians or the bad guys. We have no power. The people are shit, but the politicians are assholes who have the real power. We can’t change anything”. We hate politics, but in this shitty world that everything is political, at least for Iranians, you can’t be neutral, inactive, or indifferent. As an Iranian, you can’t travel abroad or can’t get visa or can’t live in other countries because the politicians have imposed sanctions on you; You can’t buy any thing in the international markets, because the politicians have imposed sanctions on you; You can’t work with the foreign banks or the foreign companies because the politicians have imposed sanctions on you; You can’t speak your minds and you can’t do your own works, because the politicians don’t allow it and they will kill you or torture you; You can’t protest against the horrible social and economical problems, because the politicians don’t allow it and they will kill you; You can’t protest against the dreadful systematical corruption and the medieval tyranny, and you can’t even read, watch, listen, or eat what you want, because the politicians don’t allow it and they will kill you and torture you; You can’t have your own private life and your own personal relationships, and you can’t even fart freely or breath freely, because the politicians don’t allow it and they kill you or torture you; You even can’t earn money without kissing ass and without embezzlement, because the politicians have corrupted everything and everyone. In fact, in Iran and also in the US, Europe and all other countries, the politicians have created many problems for the ordinary people and their life. So, we all can’t remain inactive, neutral, or indifferent, even if we want. But it doesn’t mean that we are political activist or we work for the dirty politics and the power. No, we only want to have a human life; we only want to live our own life, as a modern human who can self-actualize himself, and can use all available facilities and human legacies in the 21st century. Many ordinary people don’t care about the power and the dirty politics; they only want to live their own life and fulfill their dreams. But the politicians, the greedy rich, and other bad guys don’t allow them to realize their dreams. When the people ask for change, the bad guys try to discourage them. The bad guys try to prevent the public awareness, because all kind of awareness, form political awareness and social awareness to environmental awareness and economical awareness, are the main enemy of the bad guys. And that’s why the good guys in all around the world should try to raise awareness about all issues. We should not forget that the bad guys try to discourage and disappoint the good guys. A young American blogger has written: “In 2000s, we started to write in our blogs. We were different from the street protests of an earlier generation, but seemed convinced that we too could change the course of events. Many of us felt empowered, often for the first time, and hopeful that our digital shouts would be even more effective than the marching banner holders of yesterday. But now, we are so tired of everything. I am tired of politics. I tire of reading about it. I tire of hearing the spin from the left and the right. I tire of bad ideas or stupid acts of the past coming back and causing catastrophic destruction to people, places, and things. I tire of elected officials. I no longer feel compelled to sign the online petitions. Im giving up writing on this blog. Sorry friends, Im so tired of politics”. I think we all can understand him/ her, and also the depth of the people’s frustrations in this shitty world. But we should not forget: “If we were not inactive, indifferent, or neutral, we can hope that one day the change would occur. But if we were inactive, indifferent, or neutral, we only can be sure that nothing will change forever“. We all are so tired of politics; We all are victims of politics; We all hate politics, because politics is nothing except dirty tricks, lie, hypocrisy, and living like animals, but we even can change the concept of politics.

The classic concept of politics is so stupid. The modern idiots are like the ancient idiots, and say and believe that politics is a science, butthe science of power, gaining power and staying in power. It’s really a shitty and horrible science. It’s the science of telling lies, deceiving the people, and betraying others and yourself. It’s a dirty thing and the science of bad guys. On the other hand, we all know that we need a science, or a collection of methods and techniques, to resolve the inevitable conflicts between the people. It’s what you can call it “politics”, but it’s the science of managing and resolving conflicts, not the science of power. As you know, even two people have different views and different taste, and when they live together, they should try to solve their problems and their conflicts by communication, negotiation, and other civilized methods, instead of waging war, killing each other, or eating each other. The people in the Stone Age or the past centuries lived like animals, and solved their problems by war and violence. But the modern humans who don’t want to live like animals, need a collection of methods and techniques to resolve their inevitable conflicts. The humans have social life. They are not isolated and don’t live alone. They don’t have just personal life. They live with each other, so there are many conflicts between their interests, their views, their tastes, their lifestyle, etc. But instead of war and violence, they can try to find reasonable solutions for their problems. And it’s exactly the opposite of what the animals do. The animals solve their problems and their conflicts by war and violence. But the modern humans can have a science for managing their conflicts. This science is a collection of different methods and techniques -like communication, negotiation, caring about the long-term interests instead of the short-term interests, etc- that can resolve or manage the conflicts. It’s what we can call it politics. In this way, the politics is not a concept about the power, but it’s a concept about the management, and managing and resolving the conflicts. Even the ancient wise guys said: “Politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions “. So, in this way the politics is not a dirty thing that is based on evil things, like lie, charlatanism, hypocrisy, brainwashing, shortsightedness, selfishness, etc. The human society is full of conflicts, because we all are free humans and have our own tastes, views, lifestyles, etc. We are not sheep or slave, and no one should force us to do something. The Personal freedoms are very very important, and it’s what Karl Marx could not understand it. Yes, many conflicts are result of the personal freedoms and this fact the we don’t want to live like animals or slaves. But it’s a very good thing. It’s the base of our humanity. It’s what makes us human. We can find reasonable solutions for our inevitable conflicts. In fact, in the human society, managing and resolving the conflicts is the main issue, not the power and the dirty politics . So, why we need the politicians who always betray the people? We only need a group of experts to manage and resolve the global and local conflicts. We don’t need today’s politicians who are corrupt, mean, hypocrite, and so stupid. The direct democracy is a useful tools for managing our communities.Why we need a representative, while we ourselves can vote and can participate in making collective decisions? In the Age of the Internet and digital media, we don’t need
representative, and we all can be representative of ourselves. The direct democracy can solve many problems. We just need a group of scientists and experts to manage and resolve the global and local conflicts. They can be psychologists, historians, or sociologists, not the stupid politicians. Some say: “The word politics comes from the Greek word ‘politika’, modeled on Aristotle’s ‘affairs of the city’, the name of his book on governing and governments. So, politicos is only about governing and governments”. But we can change it. The people have the real power, and they should not transfer their powers to a small group called Politicians. The power is equal to corruption, and those who have unlimited powers are the most corrupt people of the world. They are the brutal dictators. The fake intellectuals, like Noam Chomsky, can’t understand this matter. They defend some like Hugo Chavez, and the lifelong dictators. They are like Nazi intellectuals who defended Hitler. Noam Chomsky is like Martin Heidegger (1889- 1976) the famous Nazi intellectual who defended Hitler. Both Chomsky and Heidegger are politicians and political activists, and should not be called intellectuals. As we said before, Chomsky defends Chavez like a politician (check Archive). Chomsky doesn’t care about the truth. He is a political activist who tells big lies and pretends ignorance like politicians. Chomsky tells lie for the sake of his political front. Chomsky and other fake intellectuals behaves like politicians, and tell lie like politicians, but the idiots and the sheep care about them in the West. It’s so tragic. Anyway, we, the ordinary people, have the real power, and should try to use our power. Those of us who are real intellectuals and can see the real problems, should increase the public awareness.The ignorance and stupidity is our main enemy, not the politicians or the bad guys. The media, the mercenaries and the fake intellectuals, who sleep with the politicians, try to brainwash the people, but they are not the main enemy of the people. The main enemy of the people are their own ignorance and stupidity. If you live like sheep, then the media and the bad guys can brainwash you and mislead you. The people should know that the bad guys and their mercenaries want to discourage and disappoint them. But their awareness is their key to success. They can change everything, if they don’t lose hope, and become aware. The change speed is very very slow, but it should not disappoint the good guys. Maybe you can’t see the outcome of your works. But it’s not important. In the past centuries, even the scientists could not see the outcome of their great works. The mathematicians worked without any outcome and without any respect, and other scientists didn’t have better conditions (for instance, Einstein’s main work was ignored from 1905 to 1940). So, the intellectuals and the social reformists should not expect better conditions. The abolitionists worked more than 200 years without any serious result; The women’s activists worked more than 150 years without any serious outcome, etc. But finally the change occurred. In fact, when the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ completed, the change occurred. But it should not disappoint us. Howard Zinn once said: “When you’re trying to achieve an objective which looks very very far away, simply working for it makes life more interesting and more worthwhile. So you don’t have to look for some victory in the future. The very engagement with other people in a common struggle for something that you all believe in, that is a victory in itself“. We should write and talk about our thoughts for a better world, even if 100 years later or after our death the people understand us.

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