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domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Egypt Military in Tahrir similar to al Assad in whole Syria

 Clashes between army and people are the new picture not only in Tahrir Square but also in the main streets of Cairo. Weapons, gases, violence and repression are the “new” language of a military that tries to put itself above any civilian government in a future post Mubarak State. But now nobody says anything about the struggle of last days. There is not international condemnation of these facts.

One of the few people that warned about these horrible acts in Egypt, Maikel Nabil, has been sentenced to two years in prison yesterday in a closed session by military rulers (despite being a civilian). I remember the paper he wrote…”The people and the army never were one” and now the accusations for him are “cronyism”……where is the justice? the right that people demand….the justice is being stabbed in the streets right now.
The excessive use of force made by the army, the security forces, police and secret police seems more like an act with vengeance against protesters than simple “dispersion”. Gamal el Gazouri, the current Prime Minister thinks like that: "the decision has definitely taken, they attack elections and threaten the New Egypt". Well, now from his point of view revolutionaries are called “offenders” to democracy. Maybe he didn´t listen prestigious Cairo-based Al-Azhar “Arab Spring charter guidelines” or independet scholars when established that: “the use of violence against peaceful citizens delegitimizes the ruling of any authority and ends its reason d'etre.” That´s come from University, one of the sources of human wisdom, one of the most preacious treasures in Egypt, one of the intelectual and political arenas in public egyptian affairs...come on army listent people¡¡

Unfortunately, the current situation in Cairo is very similar to situation in Syria where people that made possible a peaceful revolution are now in the middle of mercenaries of power. In Egypt we have the old muslim brotherhood that, as the army, with the people never were one. They were always speculating the best moment to announce themselves as the “best solution for a New Egypt” and now again, with the blood and death in Tahrir, they are just waiting for fear takes people and legitimize the power they won in last elections, elections that are not clean at all as we can see in the notes of independent journalists. In Syria, without elections, there also are speculators in some organizations that are betting on a civil war that will result in more peaceful victims. With  NATO, Russian, American and "Assadist People", the revolution in Syria is in danger as in danger is Egypt with Mujabarat, Army and the old muslim brothers.

Weapons, repression, violence, wars..... democracy cannot be built with theses bases but with reason and justice. The people have peacefully spoken loud and clear in whole Arab world and in Egypt the way must begin with a civilian government for national salvation, followed by an election of a special commission that will write up a constitution and finally by presidential elections that would end military´s mandate and puts the country completely and entirely on civic and democratic tracks.

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